Game update div error

Hello. I somehow deleted my resultDiv variable in my game and can’t reference it anymore, apparently. I don’t know where I deleted it from so I’m looking for a fresh pair of eyes on this. Forgive me I’m not that good at de bugging my code yet.

Here is my updated/current game w/ the reference error.
Thank you.

Hello there,

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Umm lol. I appreciate the help but I felt that I was super descriptive w/ the issue I’m having.

Open the console and look at the error it has a line number. Go to that line in the code and find the variable. It is inside a function, does that function have access to the variable in its own scope or an outer scope?

You even have some comments inside that function.

// You should do result.innerText = 'You Lose!'
// Don't forget to grab the div with the 'result' id!

This is how you use it inside the endGame function.

const resultDiv = document.getElementById('result')

After you fix that you have the same error with handsDiv and playerScoreDiv.

I would suggest you grab the DOM elements one time at the start of the code and just use the top-level variables throughout the code. There is really no reason to keep querying the DOM for the same elements.

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