Gaming Product Landing Page: How's It?

Hey, campers! Good day!
I just completed my product landing page. I thought I would make it more gaming based, so the topic of my project is the landing page of a game controller. Thanks to this community for their support when I encountered a problem. The project is completely based on the flexbox. So, check the link and reply your comments, suggestions, and reviews. Thanks.


Hey @paulsonstech your page looks good just one thing the problem that you encountered with the video i don’t think is really resolved i saw the code and noticed a few things. Div with class video-wrapper why is it there? i didn’t see the use of it and it is not flexible so if you were to set the width of video to auto(which you did in the media query) or even 100% it won’t make a difference because the width of parent i.e. video-wrapper depends on the content i.e. the Video. You should delete that div if it has no use

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Hello @mdshariq. I had added that div as a wrapper for my video when I was trying to make my video responsive and every website suggested to do that and target that div to make the video responsive. But, I had forgot to remove it. Thanks for your reminder and your feedback.

And just one more tiny thing :sweat_smile: i hope im not being annoyingly critical but now that you have removed the video-container you can make the video look bigger and responsive but removing the hardcoded height and width from the html tag iframe and setting some other bigger values in the #video selector in rem unit and then for media query you can give the width some value in percentage like 95% or something

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Hey! I’m new to dev so I won’t be able to give much input on the html and css, though I must say the design is NEAT :ok_hand:

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Hey @mdshariq. I will try doing that. Thanks.

Thank you so much @Miyagii! Your feedback is very much appreciated.