General Advice for a Junior Position

Hello, I recently graduated from a coding bootcamp and trying my best to land a junior software engineering gig. I see the market / job posts want mid to senior level roles only with like a bajillion years of experience.

So far I applied for many many places and either haven’t heard back or received rejection letters.

Is there any advice you would give a recent coding bootcamp grad trying to land his very first junior software engineering position?

Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.

Hi @nonamesareleft !

I am also learning how to code :grinning:
But hopefully my comment will bump up your post so more experienced devs can give you advice.

You might consider posting your resume in the forum so you can get feedback.
If there are issues with your resume then that can be the reason why you are not getting interviews.
Also, you want to make sure your resume is passing the ATS software.

I would suggest listening to Danny Thompson’s advice on how to linkedin on landing a job.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you, I appreciate it! I’ll definitely check this out!

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