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Say I want to do the first five course on FCC. what is the ideal time frame to complete it? i wanted to set a goal from myself like, i should be done with this in four months but I feel i’m being to ambitious

HI @DMadKing !

4 months is a really aggressive goal to cover all of that material.
The first 5 courses covers html, css, vanilla js, react, d3, mongo db, express and node.
I am not saying it is impossible but it is a fast schedule.

Some people do it quicker because they have previous coding experience or come from other STEM backgrounds while others take slower.

IMO, it is best to pick a pace that works for you and build consistency by coding a little bit each day.
Because not all of the concepts are on the same difficulty scale.
Some concepts will be harder than others and you will have to account for that.

The best thing you can do is focus on building a good strong foundation in the fundamentals and build some really good side projects after the curriculum.
That will put you in a good position to land a developer job.

Work at a pace that works best for you :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

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so like how many hours a day would recommend at minimum

I would recommend picking a consistent time frame that works best for your schedule.

If you can consistently do 2 hours a day of quality study time a day, then do that.
If it is 4 hours then do that.
If it is 90 minutes, then do that.

The most important thing is that you build a consistent schedule and not overestimate how many hours you can do.

The biggest mistake I have seen people make is say they will do 8 -10 hours a day.
But that is a tough schedule to keep up for months on end and I have seen a lot of people burnout and quit because life happens and that schedule wasn’t attainable in the first place.

It is best to work with the time you have and be consistent

I appreciate it

Realistically you’re looking at 1-1.5 years,

The amount of quality learning people can generally do (myself included) is maximum 2 hours a day, I would aim for that but do a minimum of 1 hour a day,

There’s no point in rushing through the certificates as the certificates themselves won’t get you a job, it will be about what you know and the quality of your projects.

  1. There’s no point in completing the first five courses, you just need the content of the first three for the first job, and you can learn other stuff after that if you want to go full-stack.

  2. freecodecamp’s curriculum is meant to be complementary, not a single resource for everything. You can’t only learn in a sandbox, you’ll want to set up a code editor, read documentation from other places like mdn, and checkout other resources, books and learning platforms. I personally only used fcc as a practice area, especially for javascript algorithms problems, similar to how I use edabit or exercism.

  3. I recommend people to focus first on programming and computer science fundamentals before web development stuff. Start with CS50x, finish it, then start freecodecamp’s curriculum along with another resource.

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