[General Question] On Keyboard Settings


Every time I have to type () parenthesis, I have to press #9 with the SHIFT button. It would be okay if I just type it once. But if you do it numerous times… my pinky gets hurtful… and it doesn’t help me in productive mode.

So I want to switch ( to 9 and ) to 10 so that I don’t have to press the SHIFT button when I have to type (). (But in reverse, to press #9 I have to press the SHIFT button)

[What did I try to solve this problem]

I googled from 'how to change keyboard layout ’ to 'keyboard settings ’ numerous times. But all of them are just talking about changing default languages or default keyboard settings such as English to German.

Can you guys share any helpful links or any tips to solve this problem?! Thank you!

Maybe take a look at the Microsoft keyboard layout creator

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Hey Roma! Thx for the link!
I just set my own custom keyboard layout after I downloaded the software program on the link watching a tutorial on Youtube!

Thx again! Now I can relieve my pinky stress less than before! :slight_smile: