General question - the beginning of programming

Hello everyone!

I am studying programming alone (now C#) so I cannot really get a lot of feedback on my progress.
I am considering changing careers but I am really insecure.

The question is actually, did/do you have doubts about this when you started studying? Had any thoughts like “This is so difficult”, “I will never be good at it”, “Is this really for me” and so on ?

I can only share my experience with Javascript. I have no programming background and when I started with a tutorial teaching me basics, I had no idea what to do with those methods, I had lots of questions like: how can knowing the length of a string be useful in real world situations?

How can arrays be useful or objects or any of the methods like indexOf, split, join? But later when I learned more and I ve seen more code and examples I realized. Also here on FCC I learned a lot from challenges I had to use all methods I ve learnt and put them together, making use of more concepts.
Also learning some back end coding helped me understand even more when working with database and URL and not only.

In the beginning I thought it was a low chance that I might even understand. I ve spent some time following bad tutorials too. If I had the right tutorials It would boost my learning process back then.
Even nowadays sometimes I have doubts that I can progress further but I also have moments when I get optimistic. I also have lack of inspiration, I don t have idea what I should build and I m not confident and sometimes I feel like I wouldn t know how to start an app.
I struggle too most of the time. It s a risk but i keep going further.
I should mention that I started learning then I had to stop for some reasons, then I tried again but then again I had no time to continue and of course I forgot lots of stuff. In the beginning it s really helpful to write as much code as possible to memorize better. Months ago I started again with more time for it and now it s much better.