Generic career advice who isn't a coder

Background: I’ve been tinkering with coding from HTML to Python for the last two years. Currently, I’m introducing Jupyter notebooks into my job. I’m going to use it to transition to another job at the company or stumble into freelance work.

#1. Work the best job you can work today. Don’t take off six months to focus on landing the job you want. Keep your belly full and a roof over your head. It’ll allow you to walk away from crappy companies.

#2. Keep practicing. Have you worked through every video from at If not, keep practicing. If so, find another channel and … keep practicing.

#3. Save everything. GitHub is free. Make a repository for each project from #2. At some point, typing out those videos is going to become muscle memory. Something might inspire you or you’ll have something you can use in #4.

#4. Offer your services to coworkers and their friends. Let them know you’re working for free or cheap and it won’t interfere with your job in #1. You’ll make mistakes and need to walk away from some crappy work. Other work you’ll complete and it could lead to a paying gig.


Thanks for the concise push. Reading this made my morning a bit better.

Love this line:

This should be required reading for everyone on this forum.

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thanks for the advice

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