Generic term for all screens larger than smartphone

Hey all.

Perhaps a silly question, but I’m trying to think of a generic term that applies to any screen size larger than a mobile phone. So I guess it would apply to anything considered a phablet up to desktop monitor. Why? because I’m working on a responsive site and I want to apply a class to some tags for elements that will display on anything except the standard cell phone size. I wanted to think of a generic term for this, rather than calling the class .not-mobile or something like that.

You’re a creative bunch, so I thought you could help brainstorm some useful terms.


Maybe name your classes based on what significance they have in your code? Something like full-content and limited-content?

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion. In this case, the content would still be displayed on all viewer sizes, but I wanted to display it in a different way on only the smallest size. My media queries are being written from a mobile-first perspective, rather than desktop-first, so my initial CSS will render at this smallest size and the media query will trigger the change if the viewer is any size larger than that. For now, I think I’m gonna go with .mobile-lrg-plus, unless I can think of something better.

My brain is still processing whether full-content and limited-content apply to this situation. I may change my mind…