Get continent in input field JavaScript code

Hello. Need help with this JavaScript code it’s complete bit i can’t get value of continentcode variable
Forum example searching Italy i get “IT” code that comparendo in function give me “Europe” in input field continent
Can YouTube check code and give me help where i am wrong

<!DOCTYPE html>



    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

    <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

    <style type="text/css">
        #map {

            width: 700px;

            height: 450px;


    <script type='text/javascript'>

        var map;

        var marker;

        var geocoder; // this will be the service that searches an address and returns the position

        function initMap() {

            var initialCenter = new google.maps.LatLng(50.5, 4.50); // somewhere in Belgium

            map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map'), {

                zoom: 8,

                center: initialCenter,

                mapTypeId: 'terrain'


            geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder();


        // search their location

        function searchAddress() {

            var addressString = document.getElementById('search').value;



        // draggable marker

        function placeMarker(lat, lng) {

            // if a previous marker exists, let's first remove it from the map

            if (marker) {



            // place the marker

            marker = new google.maps.Marker({

                position: new google.maps.LatLng(lat, lng),

                map: map,

                draggable: true


            // on drag-end, do this:

            marker.addListener('dragend', function(e) {

                var newPosition = marker.getPosition();

                var lat = Number(;

                var lng = Number(newPosition.lng());

                putCoordinates(lat, lng);

                // search address by lat, lng

                addressToPosition(lat + ',' + lng);



        // put the gps coordinates in input elements

        function putCoordinates(lat, lng) {

            document.getElementById('lat').value = lat;

            document.getElementById('lng').value = lng;


        // search for an address

        function addressToPosition(addressString) {

                'address': addressString
            }, function(results, status) {

                if (status == google.maps.GeocoderStatus.OK) {

                    if (status != google.maps.GeocoderStatus.ZERO_RESULTS) {

                        var position = results[0].geometry.location;

                        var lat =;

                        var lng = position.lng();

                        // center the map


                        // zoom a little

                        if (map.getZoom() < 10) {



                        // place marker

                        placeMarker(lat, lng);

                        // display coordinates in input

                        putCoordinates(lat, lng);

                        // clear previous values


                        // address components

                        for (var i in results[0].address_components) {

                            // search for postal code

                            if (results[0].address_components[i].types.indexOf('postal_code') > -1) {

                                document.getElementById('postal_code').value = results[0].address_components[i].long_name;


                            // search for street_number

                            if (results[0].address_components[i].types.indexOf('street_number') > -1) {

                                document.getElementById('street_number').value = results[0].address_components[i].long_name;


                            // search for route    street address

                            if (results[0].address_components[i].types.indexOf('route') > -1) {

                                document.getElementById('route').value = results[0].address_components[i].long_name;


                            // search for sublocality

                            if (results[0].address_components[i].types.indexOf('sublocality') > -1) {

                                document.getElementById('sublocality').value = results[0].address_components[i].long_name;


                            // search for locality    city

                            if (results[0].address_components[i].types.indexOf('locality') > -1) {

                                document.getElementById('city').value = results[0].address_components[i].long_name;


                            // search for administrative_area_level_1 province

                            if (results[0].address_components[i].types.indexOf('administrative_area_level_1') > -1) {

                                document.getElementById('province').value = results[0].address_components[i].long_name;


                            // search for administrative_area_level_2 region

                            if (results[0].address_components[i].types.indexOf('administrative_area_level_2') > -1) {

                                document.getElementById('region').value = results[0].address_components[i].long_name;


                            // search for country    country

                            if (results[0].address_components[i].types.indexOf('country') > -1) {

                                document.getElementById('country').value = results[0].address_components[i].long_name;


                            // search for continent

                            if (results[0].address_components[i].types.indexOf('country','political') > -1)


                                          // continentcode = 'AO';
                                    continentcode = results[0].address_components[i].short_name;

                                document.getElementById('continent2').value = results[0].address_components[i].short_name;








        function clearElementsByClass(className) {

            var elements = document.getElementsByClassName(className);

            for (var i in elements) {

                elements[i].value = "";




        // track client position

        function trackPosition() {

            if (navigator.geolocation) {

                navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) {

                        var lat = position.coords.latitude;

                        var lng = position.coords.longitude;

                        // place marker

                        placeMarker(lat, lng);

                        // display coordinates in input

                        putCoordinates(lat, lng);

                        // search address by lat, lng

                        addressToPosition(lat + ',' + lng);


                    function(position) {





                             $(function() {

                                var Codes = function(code, name) {

                                    this.code = code;

                           = name;


                                var codecontinent = [

                                    new Codes("AD", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("AE", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("AF", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("AG", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("AI", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("AL", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("AM", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("AN", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("AO", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("AQ", "Antarctica"),

                                    new Codes("AR", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("AS", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("AT", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("AU", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("AW", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("AZ", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("BA", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("BB", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("BD", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("BE", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("BF", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("BG", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("BH", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("BI", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("BJ", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("BM", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("BN", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("BO", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("BR", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("BS", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("BT", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("BW", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("BY", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("BZ", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("CA", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("CC", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("CD", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("CF", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("CG", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("CH", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("CI", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("CK", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("CL", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("CM", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("CN", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("CO", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("CR", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("CU", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("CV", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("CX", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("CY", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("CZ", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("DE", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("DJ", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("DK", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("DM", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("DO", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("DZ", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("EC", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("EE", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("EG", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("EH", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("ER", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("ES", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("ET", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("FI", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("FJ", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("FK", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("FM", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("FO", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("FR", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("GA", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("GB", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("GD", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("GE", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("GF", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("GG", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("GH", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("GI", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("GL", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("GM", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("GN", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("GP", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("GQ", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("GR", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("GS", "Antarctica"),

                                    new Codes("GT", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("GU", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("GW", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("GY", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("HK", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("HN", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("HR", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("HT", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("HU", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("ID", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("IE", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("IL", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("IM", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("IN", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("IO", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("IQ", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("IR", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("IS", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("IT", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("JE", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("JM", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("JO", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("JP", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("KE", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("KG", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("KH", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("KI", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("KM", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("KN", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("KP", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("KR", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("KW", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("KY", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("KZ", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("LA", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("LB", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("LC", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("LI", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("LK", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("LR", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("LS", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("LT", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("LU", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("LV", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("LY", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("MA", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("MC", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("MD", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("ME", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("MG", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("MH", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("MK", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("ML", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("MM", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("MN", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("MO", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("MP", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("MQ", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("MR", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("MS", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("MT", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("MU", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("MV", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("MW", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("MX", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("MY", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("MZ", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("NA", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("NC", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("NE", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("NF", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("NG", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("NI", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("NL", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("NO", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("NP", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("NR", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("NZ", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("OM", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("PA", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("PE", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("PF", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("PG", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("PH", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("PK", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("PL", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("PM", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("PN", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("PR", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("PS", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("PT", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("PW", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("PY", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("QA", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("RE", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("RO", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("RS", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("RU", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("RW", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("SA", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("SB", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("SC", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("SD", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("SE", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("SG", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("SH", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("SI", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("SJ", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("SK", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("SL", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("SM", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("SN", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("SO", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("SR", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("ST", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("SV", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("SY", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("SZ", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("TC", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("TD", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("TF", "Antarctica"),

                                    new Codes("TG", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("TH", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("TJ", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("TK", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("TM", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("TN", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("TO", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("TR", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("TT", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("TV", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("TW", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("TZ", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("UA", "Europe"),

                                    new Codes("UG", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("US", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("UY", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("UZ", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("VC", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("VE", "South America"),

                                    new Codes("VG", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("VI", "North America"),

                                    new Codes("VN", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("VU", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("WF", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("WS", "Australia"),

                                    new Codes("YE", "Asia"),

                                    new Codes("YT", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("ZA", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("ZM", "Africa"),

                                    new Codes("ZW", "Africa")


                                var utils = {};

                                // Could create a utility function to do this

                                utils.inArray = function(searchFor, property) {

                                    var retVal = -1;

                                    var self = this;

                                    for (var index = 0; index < self.length; index++) {

                                        var item = self[index];

                                        if (item.hasOwnProperty(property)) {

                                            if (item[property].toLowerCase() === searchFor.toLowerCase()) {

                                                retVal = index;

                                                return retVal;




                                    return retVal;


                                // or we could create a function on the Array prototype indirectly

                                Array.prototype.inArray = utils.inArray;

                                // let's use the prototype for now

                                var i = codecontinent.inArray(continentcode, "code");



                                // or we could create a function on the Array prototype directly


        Array.prototype.inArray2 = function(searchFor, property) {

                var retVal = -1;

                $.each(this, function(index, item) {

                        if (item.hasOwnProperty(property)) {

                                if (item[property].toLowerCase() === searchFor.toLowerCase()) {

                                        retVal = index;

                                        return false;




                return retVal;



                            }); //]]>



    <div id="map"></div>

    <input id="search" /> <input type="button" value="SEARCH" onclick="searchAddress()" /><br/>

    <input type="button" value="TRACK" onclick="trackPosition()" />


    <form action="post.php" method="post">

        <input class="position" id="lat" name="lat" placeholder="latitude" />

        <input class="position" id="lng" name="lng" placeholder="longitude" />

        <input class="component" id="route" name="route" placeholder="route" />

        <input class="component" id="street_number" name="street_number" placeholder="street_number" />

        <input class="component" id="sublocality" name="sublocality" placeholder="sublocality" />

        <input class="component" id="city" name="locality" placeholder="locality" />

        <input class="component" id="province" name="administrative_area_level_1" placeholder="province" />

        <input class="component" id="region" name="administrative_area_level_2" placeholder="region" />

        <input class="component" id="postal_code" name="postal_code" placeholder="postal_code" />

        <input class="component" id="country" name="country" placeholder="country" />
        <input class="component" id="continent" name="continent" placeholder="continent" />
        <input class="component" id="continent2" name="continent2" placeholder="continent2" />

        <input type="submit" value="Submit data" />


    <script async defer src=""></script>




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Put https in cdn for jQuery.
After that you should move “continentcode” variable to some “visible” place (on start script tag).
Put part of code that begins with “$(function() . . . }); //]]>” in function with name and call that function after line:
document.getElementById('continent2').value = results[0].address_components[i].short_name;
After this it should work,
best regards


thanks your solution work

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