Get IP adress / Request Header Parser Microservice

I got some trouble with getting the IP address. Currently my code does not cover proxis and return the last IP address right away. Can someone help me getting the real IP address?

A normal connection means i make a request, “give me that page”. The server receives that request and gives me the page directly. It’s like as if i went to your door and asked for sugar.
A proxy connection means that there is a middleman in this exchange. I ask the proxy server to get me the page located at the server. The proxy goes to the server, asks for the page, and gives it back to me.
It would be like asking an errand boy to go to your door and ask for sugar, he would get the sugar and bring it back to me. I wouldn’t interact with you directly.

You can’t get the IP(realistically) if the person is using a proxy.

Ok i though that would be my problem, because my app is not working correctly. Every time i use it i get a different IP address as at the FCC Project. My Project:
I used the express req.ip Object. Do you know what i am doing wrong?

Well that’s weird, but I’m getting the same address everytime, maybe it’s something with your connection. Your modem can change your public IP for numerous reasons.