Get Query Parameter Input from the Client : chaining functions

FCC Task:
In the following exercise we are going to receive data from a POST request.
Build an API endpoint, mounted at **GET /name** .
Respond with a JSON document, taking the structure **{ name: 'firstname lastname'}** . The first and last name parameters should be encoded in a query string e.g. ?first=firstname&last=lastname

If you want you can use the method:

Chaining answer:

app.route('/name').get(function(req,res) {
  const firstname = req.query.first;
  const lastname =req.query.last;
  res.send({"name":firstname + " " +  lastname})

My Questions:

  1. Receiving data from a POST request, means that someone has POSTED a request to this API for data. Would this not be a GET request?
  2. The API is responding with a response object?
  3. Why is there no handler defined for the post()?
  4. Should res.send({"name":firstname + " " + lastname}) not be inside the post()?

I’m getting confused as to who is POSTING, GETTING?