Get Smarter - This nut needs crackin' help!

I’ve watched/read the “hint, video & comments” and followed them to the letter to no avail. Currently, I’m using an iPad and I have learned a few things about my tablet thanks to your help.

Here’s the section I am stuck on and what I thought is the correct answer.
“Link to external pages with anchor elements”

<a href="">cat photos</a>

I read the comments and they said to hit the refresh button which I did and takes me back the the original page of two kittens lying on their back. In the comments the refresh button provides (with correct values) a diff photo of a kitten falling asleep. Also noticed that the “http” doesn’t have and or require a “s”?

Oh, & I’ll be sure to check the box that the answer provided was correct & helpful.

Thanks for your help.

The code you have posted is correct, but we need to see all your code to make sure something else isn’t wrong.

When you need help with the challenges you can click “Get Help” and then “Ask for help”. This will make a forum thread with your code and some information. You can also update your post with all the code, use the </> button and paste in all the code from the challenge.

It might be an issue with you using an iPad. Make sure you are getting the correct punctuation, you may have to turn off smart punctuation as well.

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