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I need some kind of advice. I have a problem with JS. I think it’n not just the problem of knowledge but in my way of learning. I’m sitting on the JS basics for some time and always look on some resources to understand deeper but there are always some things I don’t understand so I just stand on one place and try to collect everything and do not go further.
Is it really necessary to do this infinite learning of the basics or I just need to go further and start something else? And what to do better after basics? I was thinking about React Angular and Canvas (already have some experience in jQuery). Will be happy to have some advice from you guys.

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I’ve found picking a project and learning what you need to know to see it through is more effective than trying to learn in a vacuum.

Even in a project you’ll get stuck though. When you do, struggle with the problem for a few hours before moving on to the next problem. Come back to the first problem in a day or two. If you still can’t break through, approach the problem a different way.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Understanding how you personally learn is super important. It will tremendously speed up your process and reduce frustrations you may be feeling with learning new things.

Looks like you already tried reading the “spec” and trying to understand everything that has to do with a concept or topic in a deep technical basis. And it looks like it is not sticking as you want it to stick.

Here is what works for me:

  • Pure technical/theoretical reading does little to nothing without practical application. And I am not talking here just about “let’s loop through array of names and pull out all that has 5 letters”. I need real world scenario where I would actually see where loop would be helpful. I find JS30 course (free) by Wes Bos very helpful in introducing real world scenarios whilst learning more about JS.
  • Reinforcement of things I learned. I like to write down couple snippets and concepts, explanations even to myself on the notebook. May or may not work for you, but worth a try.
  • Real projects. @raddevon said well in his post. Pick a project that will stretch your knowledge and make it work with whatever JavaScript you can muster. Suddenly it is not going to be you trying to figure out how Array.prototype.reduce() works, but you will be solving real problems and expanding your knowledge with every roadblock you tackle.

Keep going. Have a goal, break it down into smaller goals and knock them out one by one.


The number one advice I keep seeing all the time is work on real projects. It’s great advice. It’s why FCC gives you real projects to work on. You can read or watch videos all day and do some exercises on a REPL and those are great but nothing beats struggling with a project and trying to make it work and doing research and implementing different solutions. When you struggle and pull your hair out and create things in the process YOU WILL REMEMBER.

You have to keep learning, but the more knowledgeable you become the more you’ll understand the sheer amount of knowledge there is still to grasp. This is inevitable: the more you learn, the less you know. As suggested, to avoid getting stuck in a rut, make things. You have to keep learning, but if you only do that academically, you’ll only ever have sevond-hand, academic knowledge. Programming is a practical tool that should be used; apply the knowledge you have, and your subsequent learning will be more focussed, as you’ll need it to fix the problems you’ll encounter.

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