getJSON problems

Can anyone tell me why this code is not working? I’m lost now.

API request is working fine. The rest is quite simple but I think I’m missing something. I’m trying to put city name in city paragraph.

Thank you.

I think you have confuse a bit the arguments:

But it looks also like the usual problem of unsecure requests made from Code pen?


I’m using https

What is wrong with the arguments? I have link in form of string, second function should parse data from response into strings and put them in paragraph… I think :).

1° argument: Url
2° argument: Data to send
3° argument: Function\callback for response

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but data is optional, and my url is complete and working. so I’m skipping the data part and I’m going to parseData function.

@NeckersBOX - I have checked your code for weather app and it’s not working for me also. So maybe it’s something with my env?

Check out this post.

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Yes, I didn’t understand the last “jsonp” arguments… because it not working in there position. It’s as timotheap said:

( I see the screen of my project, you don’t see nothing because the link is with “https” you have to go with “http” version )

EDIT: yep, if you go with http your project works too.

Thank you guys, much appreciated.

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