Getting a bit lonely

Hey, I am a java hobbyist who is looking for some company. I am a beginner/intermediate depending on who you ask, and I am getting demotivated due to lack of socializing. If someone else about my skill could be my ‘Programming Buddy’ in a group I would be very pleased. Just a note: I do not have a microphone so please be aware that vocal communication is limited.

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You’re part of an active and supportive community now, if you’ll have us. Welcome.


Out of curiosity, are you married to Java? As an old desktop hobbyist who learned C/C++, Java, PERL, Lisp, and others, I made the move to Javascript because my old modality of desktop applications wasn’t going to reach the audience I wanted, when a lot of tasks are now done on SEC: “Someone Else’s Computer,” explaining why local CPU power purchased by consumers hasn’t gone up much except for gamers, but multi-threaded CPUs sales have been growing. In addition, with Javascript now being useful for the front- and back-end (client and server side), it’s one of the most useful languages to learn.

Since your background is in a C-type language with a heavy focus on OOP, you should fly through the lessons here at FCC. Many of the concepts that would be difficult for a complete neophyte will have you saying, “Oh that’s cool, Javascript makes that much easier.” For example, all Javascript Arrays have built-in queue and stack functionality.

If you work through the FCC curriculum, it’ll give you some fun challenges to do, and let you learn how create web applications alongside all the rest of us, so you’ll have some common points of discussion. This forum has some people who can help you with Java (I’m no expert, but I can read a program), but I think as a hobbyist you’ll be pleasantly surprised with Javascript’s utility.

Are you talking about a different site? If so I will happily join :smiley:. If you are talking about this site, I am probably going to be active in this community.

Hi, the point of this post was to find groups who will work on a common project that they all decided on together. Also, I have tried my hands on javascript and didn’t find it as fun to work on as i do with java. Thank you for the suggestion :smiley:.

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The stats I screenshotted for you are this forum :smiley:

:smiley: I will be active on this forum due to me seeing how fast people get back to you. I have been on forums before and it will be WEEKS before I get a response, thank you for the warm welcome.