Getting a developer Job guide

Hello everyone!

I am looking for more guides from you!
Yes, I got the guide from @P1xt and I believe those are great!.
We need more guides like what do you recommend to study, which books to read, stuff to do, everything works.

Currently this is my first month developing webs, I learned a lot in 15days and I plan to learn more!.
So just please let guide me to be a web developer this year.


If you actually complete the entirety of a guide posted by @P1xt you’re job ready.

You don’t have to become a jack of all trades to get a job.

You might be interested in John Washam’s Google Interview University. He talks about it in Why I studied full-time for 8 months for a Google interview

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Nice read but I am looking for basic knowledge to get a work as a web developer maybe in the future code software.