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After doing html ,css and bootstrap is it easy to start with JavaScript without having a coding knowledge ?

It’s not easy. It’s a completely new skill in a world that may be unfamiliar to other things you have learned before. It is certainly something that you can do, but I wouldn’t call it easy.


It’s about as easy as learning to play guitar, or ride a bike, drive a car, or go Scuba diving.

Lots of people manage to do it. Some of them are even idiots. But it’s still hard to learn from scratch, and it will feel frustrating and impossible on many days.


It depends if you like, enjoy and or you good with Algebra. If so then is going to be more easy if not then it is going to be more hard.

This is what I found when studying and practicing JavaScript.

Unless you’re just strumming 6 non barre learning java script is waaaay easier than guitar. I took me 2 years to learn all of core, java (interfaces, abstraction, generics, collections, threads, core object methods, the Class class, serialization) . On the other hand I can Fingerpick guitar like (Mississippi John Hurt, Gordon Lightfoot, Chet Atkins, Chris Smither) But It took 12 years to be able to properly do it. But I say learn them both. It will take time but the rewards are well worth it.

I find Javascript really hard to learn. That’s because of the structure of the language.

But I’ve found this teacher on the YouTube. He explains things really well and makes it look simple. I hope that after watching those video’s I’ll be able to understand the structure behind Javascript which would make it easier to follow the lessons here on FCC.

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I find the syntax and style relative easy to learn, the trick part is implementing the logic.

I will check that guy on YouTube; The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp by Andrew Mead and also The Modern JavaScript Tutorial at are both very good.

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According to your earlier reply you’re good with algebra. I think that makes the syntax and style easier to learn for you.

But I’m a visual spatial thinker. I need to learn the Javascript language first, so I can “speak” Javascript. Then I expect to be able to visualise both the problem and the solution.

I’ve done the same with html and css, but those were both easier to learn.

Thanks for the other options, I’ll check them out.