Getting A Junior Front end job without Highschool Certificate

Hey fellow campers,
I’m a 21 year old bangladesh, i’ve started with FCC and its been a few days. Due to my job, i can’t manage to give that much of a time to learn but i sit down whenever i can and i’m almost done with HTML5/CSS3.

So i was supposed to give my GED since i’ve had a huge gap in my education but frankly, right now, i really don’t want to study. All i want to do is work and provide for my father. So for that, i started learning Web development, to learn and enjoy what i do and to provide. So i went through youtube then jumped to FCC, i’m still an amateur idiot but i hope in 3 months time, by the start or end of February, i’ll have gained the Front end Certificate and maybe have advanced even more, never know.

What i want to know is, what do you guys think about my future? Do i have chance to beat life at its game or am i in a fairy land and i’m screwed without a highschool certificate, much less a degree?
My plan is to get the certificate, find some projects i can work on, if i do find them and then, apply for work outside of Bangladesh with a Visa sponsor.

It’d be great for you guys to give your feedback and a few tips :slight_smile: thanks!

Thanks for the feedback.
I guess i’ll be going for my GED then, regardless of how i feel about it.
Its gonna be tough because my minds not into studying subjects, rather in things i could do to work
and learn but if it hampers my chance to get a job because i don’t have a GED, then i guess,
I’ll go ahead and give it.
Side Note: I am interested in learning, just not interested in a certificate or anything, rather
i’m interested to work and learn, to learn the work i will do, if you get what i mean?
Thanks for your thoughts, appreciate it! :slight_smile: