Getting a Teaching Job?

Yes, not a developer but how likely – how often does it actually happen – where one learns even “just” front-end web development and winds up a teacher in some capacity?

Like I know NYC’s current mayor wants to have computer programming taught in all schools as a subject everyone takes like “reading, writing, ‘n’ 'rithmetic”…but until then, does anyone know of anyone else who learns their front-end and winds up working as an instructor – maybe at a private school for gifted kids, whatever??

Just curious, since at 45 I’m wondering if I’m gonna wind up in the non-profit/academia sector most likely (unless I come up with my own killer app somehow!)…

Most of us end up as educators here on the forum. :laughing: Teaching in a school though is going to come down to state regulations.

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i know people who didn’t learn coding and still teach it! So yeah, good chances there!
(and no I’m not kidding, real people , and I’m not exaggerating either).

Specifically local community colleges seem to hire anyone who is willing to put the effort in to learn a given curriculum.

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In a previous school I was a science teacher, have a PhD in medical genetics, yet as I knew coding they put me teaching the Computing course…

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Reminds me of the edX course “Nature, In Code: Biology in JavaScript”…I actually bought the companion ebook and learned quite a bit of biology (for a layman)!

Didn’t finish the book or the course but now I’m itchin’ to again…