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well. I finished plenty courses here and I am proud to have learnt from free code camp. my path is mern stack development. I have an issue though. I signed up with fiverr and created my first gig which is creating a fully responsive website for businesses. the business is built with mern stack. my keywords are this. build website, business website, web development, web design.

this is the description
Need a business online presence? I can help!

I’m a web developer with a proven track record of success. I can create a custom online presence for your company, regardless of its size or complexity. I’ll work with you to understand your needs and create a website that meets your specific requirements.

I offer three packages to choose from: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The Basic package includes the essential features that you need to get started, while the Standard and Premium packages include more advanced features.

  • Basic: User login system, database, simple UI, basic security
  • Standard: All of Basic + custom features, advanced security, scalability
  • Premium: All of Standard + even more custom features, the latest security, scalability

I’m confident that I can deliver a high-quality online presence that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product.

Order your business website today!

  • P.S. Your website will be built using the MERN stack.’

I am finding it hard to land clients. how do I promote the gig and get clients?

If I was a small business owner looking for services similar to what you describe I’d have the following questions:

  • What’s the price point we are talking here?
  • What’s the proven track record you are referring to?
  • What’s the difference between the packages, like “basic security” vs “latest security”?
    • Who would want “basic security”? Would that mean there are known security vulnerabilities built into the system? Who would pay for that, isn’t that a business/legal risk?

If I was a developer I’d ask similar, but specifically focus on a few things you say:

  • What does any of this mean? Will you continue to support the product for free forever if I’m not satisfied? Will I get refunds, or have to pay for more support?

What if I don’t want to use the MERN stack? What if I want to use a specific stack my business already uses?

If I want an online presence, why would I need/want a login system? Wouldn’t I want to focus on accessibility, search-engine-optimization, and possibly marketing?

Finally, the biggest standing question most of the time with freelance is.

What do you offer over Wix/Squarespace?

Most business owners will look for the cheapest option that gets them the largest bang for their buck. No-code options are usually at the forefront as they are quick to get going, cheap to maintain and do everything for them with a few clicks.

If you are going after these target market, its nearly impossible to do it at a sensible price point, as we are talking a few dollars a month for this software.

If you aren’t going after this target market you are left with clients who don’t fit into the boxes provided by these services, so you’ll need to have a great approach to snag even one.

I think overall you are looking for a client that needs your exact skillset and business case, and your “pitch” is laser focused on that target audience. The issue is how big is that target audience?

I can’t think of many clients that would want a specific stack with specific level of security, “custom features” without much incentive to hire specifically you. Further, there’s a lot of developers out there who work with MERN, so its a flooded market. You’ll need some angle to stand out, and find clients looking for your exact skillset.

I’d maybe seek to either expand your skillset, expand your pitch, or at least generalize it. You also may want to focus on what customers are looking for out in the wild.

Finally you want to consider your overall approach from a business perspective. It doesn’t make any sense to go after the market supported by wix/squarespace because that market isn’t willing to pay you any more than what those services offer out of the box, so there isn’t any sensible market to monetize. So you have to change your approach to accommodate those services (maybe even use them yourself!) or build your offerings around those services for those who need something more.

Freelancing is tough, because you are essentially your own business and your product is your skills. You have to deal with everything by yourself with minimal support, to the point your actually skills are just a small part of everything.

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