Getting crazy with the Css!

Hello guys i had been trying to add width to an image through a style tag but i had not been able to do it, could you help me?
here is the code…

<!DOCTYPE html5>



<style type="text/css">
{width= 10px;
height= 10px;




<h2>this is a link to the <a href="#end of the page">end of the page</a> for you to follow</h2><br> 
<!--introducction to the page and a non working image-->
<img class="smaller-image" src="file:///C:/Users/camilo Paez/Desktop/proyecto web/woman.jpg" alt="woman shaving the armpit" >

<h3> <p>this webpage is dedicated to the ritual of shaving.
humans have shave their bears through all history, with different methods and sharpened objects.
those are some of them:<p></h3>

<li>sharpened stones</li>
<li>straight razors</li>
<li>safety razors</li>
<h4> When shaving people prefer a way over the other, depending of few factors in a certain order of importance, as we can see:</h4>
<p>could you participate in our survey and indicate your name, and what type of razor method you use to shave your body hear:</p>
<form action="C:\Users\camilo Paez\Desktop\proyecto web\survey.txt">

<input type="text" placeholder="here your name" required>

<button type="submit">This is a submit button</button><br>

<!--Radio button system-->
<label for="male"><input value="male" id="male" type="radio" name="male-female" checked by default>male</label>
<label for="female"><input value="female" id="female" type="radio" name="male-female">female<label><br>
<!--checkbox system-->
<label for="straight razor"><input id="straight razor" type="checkbox" value="straight razor" name="type of method">straight razor</label>
<label for="safety razor"><input id="safety razor" type="checkbox" value="safety razor" name="type of method">safety razor</label>
<label for="disposable razor"><input id="disposable razor" type="checkbox" value="disposable razor" name="type of method">disposable razor</label>

<a href="">This is a link to google searching engine</a>

<h5 id="end of the page"> This is finally fine...the end of the page.</h5>


{width= 10px;
height= 10px;

These should have colons, not equal signs. Like: width: 10px;

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The above is not valid CSS syntax. I recommend working through the Free Code Camp CSS curriculum section to help you gain a better understanding of how to implement what you are wanting to do.

Also, this is not related to your problem of sizing the image, but you have problems with your html as well.

<main> should be nested inside <body>, not around it.

There shouldn’t be a <h1> inside <head>.

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You need to : instead of =

width : 100px;
height : 100px;
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Thank you, for the Help