Getting credit for a blog post from open source contributions

Hello lovely folks!

I noticed that one of the posts on TypeScript in the news blog uses the content I solely contributed to the now archived guide repo that served as an open source wiki of sorts.

I used to be an active maintainer for that repo a few years ago and in turn contributed back in a lot of content.

I’m completely fine with FreeCodeCamp using the content I contributed but I would appreciate if I could get credited as the author for this post since I came up with this content and it’s no longer being hosted in an open source fashion since the content is now hosted on a custom instance of Ghost.

I spent a considerable amount of time trying to make the content fun and easy to understand and would like to request to be added in as an author for this post.

I can show how all the content in the blog post ties back to me.

Blog post in question

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I’m a new user at the moment so I can only add in so many links

The content from the guide repo that you can see makes up the blog post from above

Continued from above

Continued from above
Noting as well that I wasn’t sure where to reach out for this but the website recommended the forums so here I am :slightly_smiling_face:

A sample commit showing that I contributed this specific content to the guide repo

Slides from when I’ve presented the same content at conferences where you can see the same images being used

I can share more presentations if needed but going to limit this post to two links.

thank you for reaching out, I have notified the editorial team about this, they will get back to you

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Hi Frances,

Absolutely. Thank you for your contribution to the freeCodeCamp Guide. I can add you as the author on this article.

Could you DM me here with the email address you’d like me to use to send you an invitation to the publication? You can then add a photo, bio, Twitter, anything else you need, and we can update the article to list you as the author (currently it doesn’t have a listed author).

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Will do, thank you Quincy!

I don’t seem to have access to direct message someone probably because I’m new to freeCodeCamp’s forum but you can use hello at for the email invite.

Thank you again!

Awesome. I’ll send it now.

@francescoronel OK – you should receive an email inviting you to create an account on freeCodeCamp’s Ghost instance. Once you set up your profile and add a photo and everything, let me know and I will associate your account with that article.

And please also take a look at our style guide when you a moment. We would welcome articles from you if you are interested in further sharing your wisdom with the community.

Either way, thank you for your support.

Hi Quincy, I went ahead and activated my account and filled out my profile.

I definitely will consider freeCodeCamp when writing my next blog post.

Thanks for all the support again!

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Awesome. Thank you again for sharing your insights with the community. We would welcome any further wisdom you have to share with us :slight_smile:

Here’s your /news profile, which now lists this article as your first article:

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