Getting help while doing a Certificate project

Hello, so while I was doing Javascript’s Certificate projects there was projects that were unclear or atleast according to me (English isn’t my native language), as a result I watched Youtube videos to help me understand the idea of the projects; is what I made against the term of conditions and violates it, what about the certificate, what shall I do with it?

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If you were watching videos of people building out the certification projects and you used their solutions for your project, then yes that did violate certification terms because you used someone else’s code.

When it comes to the certification projects, you will have dozens of questions which is completely normal. You will probably need to use google to understand certain aspects of the project, use stackoverflow, as the forum, etc.

But beyond the certification projects, a critical skill for becoming a developer is to learn how to ask for clarification on projects.
When you work as a professional developer, you will frequently get unclear business requirements, or need more information for the tasks given to you.
So it is important to learn that skill now and starting practicing that skill now :+1:

Hope that helps

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Ok, I apologize for doing that, I thought that watching the video to get the projects clear is ok.

Do you recommend that I do the projects again?

another thing, there is some code still sticking in my head from these videos, what shall I do with that? + I’ve made my certificate private till you guys see what shall I do with it

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, if you submitted solutions that weren’t yours, then you will need to submit your own for the certification.

You can erase what you have and resubmit your own work.

Well, remember that there is more than one solution and approach for these projects.
As you start to design your own solution, then you will be able to submit your own answer instead of the code from the video

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