Getting interviews for Developer Jobs

Hello Everyone,

I’m Sam. I’m a 2018 passed out student. I had studied Bachelor’s degree in the field of computer Science. After trying out all the field like web design, logo design, branding, development, marketing, data science, Analysis and research, I found my interest in the development. I’m feeling very comfortable with coding. But, I’m a fresher have no development experience to put on my resume. But, I tried out different fields and have knowledge on multiple fields. Just now I started working on developing my skills for developer role.

I would like to be a part of top tier companies. I can understand It’s very hard to get a job at top tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook. But, I believe I can do it. I will definitely work hard to get it done. But, the problem is those tech giants only hire fresh candidates from top tier universities. I’m not from one of those Universities. I need help from developers who are successful in their developer role. I just want to know how can i get interviews from those tech companies as a fresher. Would be looking forward. I hope someone help. Have a good day.


Good day @Sam1996,

That’s an uncommon concern.

Worried about getting a job at a big tech company?
Worried of not making it?
Worried of being far from Silicon Valley?

We all share the same worries at times.


Life gives us lemon to see what we make out of it.

Do you agree?

I do

From stories of people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds to making it to the top, we have some motivational lessons to learn there.

Being in freeCodeCamp for the past 2 years, I got my first job at a non giant company 2 months after applying myself into web development. I left freeCodeCamp for the industry and spent a good amount of time learning different things all contributing to the trend.

2 years later…

I still have the desire to make it to a big giant company but feel not ready yet

AND what did I do?

I still applied for a position at Amazon and got an interview with them

What happened Laurent?

I wrote the test and told myself, I can make it too

The test was a short one and wanted me to write algorithms as a solution

Tell me more Laurent…

The algorithms didn’t run as expected but I understood the problem and was as close as I could be after giving my best shots

I’m sorry to hear it Laurent

Don’t feel sorry for me.

Did it pump me up?

I didn’t feel left but knew that if I could diligently put more effort and understand the vast majority of freeCodeCamp algorithms, I would grab better OPPORTUNITIES to work for giant tech companies.

What do you mean Laurent?

I mean, if you were to invest your next 6 months to learn and understand how to solve algorithms effectively, you would be in a better position to get your feet in the door.

Just Algorithms?

In part, Yes

As part of most technical interviews given by giant companies, Algorithms do take a big part of the chunk.


Before getting there, you need to stand out in your job application process

How do I stand out Laurent?

By showing them that you take initiatives?

But Laurent, I do take initiatives.


Can you show me the result of your initiatives?
Can you show projects you built during your FREE time?
Can you show projects you’re proud of during your FREE time?
Can you show projects that made you bang your head against the wall in your FREE time?

Why do you emphasize FREE time?
Because that is what separates you from the vast majority of people.

What you took initiatives in your FREE time will show them how enthusiastic you are about the upcoming projects.

Oh I see. You mean that I need to focus on ALGORITHMS and PERSONAL PROJECTS?


Is it all?


What is left Laurent?

Connecting with potential people both on platforms such as LinkedIn and many others

Refine your profile and learn to communicate effectively with tech giants recruiters.
Go to their open events, get to know people there and learn what the culture looks like inside.
Some tech companies are good from afar but will you enjoy working there?

And last but not least, BELIEVE in your potential.
The above said would benefit you if you BELIEVE and become BOLD!

Life sometimes favor those who BELIEVE and are BOLD!

Knowing that I have the same desire as you, I’m hoping to inspire you again after getting a job at a big tech company before the end of the year when I share my testimony on freeCodeCamp with the humble and legendary involvement of @QuincyLarson to make things possible from all corner of the world.

Don’t take freeCodeCamp for granted!
Learn and be bold!

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Hi Laurent,

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. I will do my level best and start to work on personal projects and Algorithmic problem solving.


To put things into a bit of perspective…I just finished an apprenticeship with Microsoft in Nov… I was not able to get an offer, but still…4 months working at Microsoft was an incredible experience. Someone referred me to Amazon and I had an interview with them a couple weeks ago, and last week, a recruiter from Google contacted me saying my skills lined up with a position thats available and if Id be interested. Of course I said yes! interview with them is next week.

I don’t know what will happen, but I do know that getting an interview is hard, especially at one of those companies. That they are even looking at me as a candidate and Im getting the chance to prove I’ve got what it takes has me feeling pretty good that Im on the right path.

You definitely can stop stressing over where you got your CS degree from or putting up your own roadblocks by saying things like they only hire fresh grads from top tiers schools considering I have no degree at all, and pursuing this as a second career in my 40’s. I know people at Msft and Amzn with no degree or a 2yr from a community college and that didnt stop them from getting hired.

At least you have a CS degree, that alone takes the edge off…so instead of worrying about where you got it from, focus on the stuff you have control over like your skills, your code, having something to show for what you know…apply to them, but also dont blow off valuable work experience by applying for and working at non top tech companies too.