Getting into coding

I don’t know if anyone can help.
And I don’t know where to start. I feel after job fail time and time again, i want to make sure that i was going to the right job this time. I am very passionate about coding and creating websites and feel this is something that i really want to do. I am dyslexic so i know its going to take me longer and more work to understand how the code works.

I know amost of html and css and i am now learning the rest through udemy course which i am following step by step. I am on benifits atm and no one will cover the cost of a course so i am on my own. the only thing that is stopping me right now is when it comes to mysql, and i have tried everything, i can not connect my database to my website and because of my mental health every time i try i have a brake down with it. I dont really have anyone that can gide me in the right direction.

can anyone help or at least tell me is it worth learning all this code. i just feel it is so overwelming.

Thanks for reading me rant.

I had been stuck connecting my MongoDB connection last week for like a full day just to connect (it was stressful). But after succeeding, i can actually connect to my MongoDB database without problem anymore. It might be overwhelming but the harder it gets the more satisfaction we get too.

I don’t know if this learning is worth it, but i think it’s better to code than spending time on online games. Hope you can get your motivation back.

Maybe if you give up on the connection thing you can always watch someone else do it in YouTube. Then you can know how to do it. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

see i have never tried mongo before everything came up with mysql. and i think because of my mental health. i am second guessing myself if i can do it but also. I want to know everything and for it to be right first time and i know that is never going to be the case when it comes to coding.

i see what you mean i have never really been a games kind of person but i do know i could sit and code all day once i know how to do it. I have worked with wix making my own website but that is very simple. i also did information systems in collage which is a longer way of saying it and everyone is telling me i am good with computers. I think its more just about knowing where to look for the help and where people can answer your questions but this forum should help me with that now.

Cool, but if you’re looking for help about non-FreeCodeCamp-curriculum-related like SQL (in this curriculum we learn MongoDB) only limited amount of people can help you excluding me. Your question might take some time to be answered.

I’ve also been looking for where to ask questions, but only FCC Forum and Reddit helps.

I’ve tried asking in Discord servers but they just ignored all my question (sad). You can also look for a free mentor to help you sometimes. But I haven’t tried that because I’m kinda antisocial so i don’t want to connect with a specific people.

HI @cistinnaskinner !

Welcome to the forum!

When you are first starting out there are going to be plenty of times where you are not going to get something the first time around.

But you can’t interneralize that and see it as failure.

It is all part of the learning process.

But if you continue to code consistently over time things will start to make more sense.

This is the period where most people quit because it is overwhelming and hard. But you have to remember that there is something better on the other side of struggle.

Just keep learning and building :grinning:

yes for sure. I mean i am getting it, i made a reaction game yesterday through javascript. and yes defo overwellming when you do complete something even when you are just following a video. but i am going to keep at it.

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yes now i know that, i will look into it more and see if i can complete it this way. I am just trying to get to the point of while in lock down i am not on a time mimute and can get as much done as i can.

So I have to warn you here.
“I tried X, it didn’t work” is what software development is most of the time.

It isn’t doing everything perfectly and it comes out great the first try because your some kind of genius. It’s more of a complex structure of complex stuff, that when put together there’s going to be something that was put in wrong. It’s less about perfection, and more about continuous improvement. Finding what’s wrong, and fixing it over time.

So if your trying to setup a database and your connection isn’t working then your doing software development! If the fact it isn’t working, which happens all the time, causes you to have a break down. I’d reconsider if you can handle the stress of stuff not working. I usually say there are a few ways to do things right, and infinite ways to screw it up.

However, when you do get that complex hard problem working… then you’ll feel like you conquered a giant, or slayed the dragon, or blew up the Death Star, or whatever your own “super happy I beat the boss” fantasy is. That is the reward of doing hard stuff. It doesn’t mean things actually get easy, but you do get used to it.

So you have to ask yourself why you feel overwhelmed first.

  • Yes there is a lot to learn, but you can learn it given time
  • Yes you will run into problems and get frustrated, but you can overcome this feeling by understanding what your doing is hard. Its normal to have problems, of which you can overcome with time and grit.
  • Yes there is more you don’t know, and more to learn There always is, that’s the name of the game, just keep learning the best you can, its all you can do.

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