Getting into Usability Testing / UX reviewing

I’m currently doing a lot of reading and research into this area. A bit of background on me, I’m a content editor with a varied background from film projection, climbing instructor to a bit of art therapy. I’m currently learning code, with a plan to get into UX testing and (Front End) coding within an agency or freelance within the 2-5 years.

I’m hoping to find someone who might want a remote assistant to give mini tasks/ jobs to?
I know its a long shot but (as my Grandma always said) if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Any advice, pointers, etc also very useful.


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What??? No one knows???


I’m also curious, as I’d be very happy to do UX stuff as my background is in the arts, actually, though I’m intrigued by “the technical” in the same way I’m intrigued by heights, which I find really scary (almost signed up to be a paratrooper in another life but then things got in the way). And I also notice that UI/UX skills/experience is often noted as a plus in front-end developer job listings!

Start off by learning loads of html css?

Then what?

What’s the curriculum like? Surely it’s HTML/CSS/JS…but then what – what specifically could be UX/UI above and beyond that??

I’ve noticed that UX/UI is even a course in itself now (even once came across online a school dedicated to it located in Tennessee!) so apparently the need is growing but I’m surprised no one here knows anything about that at all, evidently…

Oh, thank Goodness my memory’s still intact:

They used to be called the Unicorn Institute…much cooler name but I understand why they want to appear more “professional!” Wish I can afford the tuition (my credit’s shot so I’d never qualify for the great all-inclusive [up to an additional $20K for room and board!] loan)…