Getting IPv6 instead of IPv4 and understanding IP related properties in the req object

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I got 2 issues here:

  • Issue1: I don’t know how I can display the IPv6 instead of IPv4 in this exercice. The example given at succeeds in doing so, but I can’t get the same and the only ipaddress I get is the IPv4
  • Issue 2: I had to “Google” my way through this, especially for the ip part. I was (and still am) super confused with all the options for getting the ip:
    • req.ip
    • req.ips (supposedly an array
      -req.header[‘x-forwarded-for’] (which actually doesn’t work) or req.headers[‘x-forwarded-for’] (which work)

Overall I passed the challenge, but I don’t fully understand why and it’s very frustrating. Any comprehensive literature on the topic would help a ton :pray:

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github: Header-Parser-Microservercice/server.js at main · JossMilon/Header-Parser-Microservercice · GitHub

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Challenge: Request Header Parser Microservice

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