Getting javascript error on HTML/CSS

My page - When running analyze I get ’ Expected an identifier and instead saw ‘{a}’.’ Google tells me this is to do with javascript but I’m only using HTML/CSS.

Not actually sure if this is a glitch. I’ve also noticed codepen isn’t always updating when I change code.


it seems that the codepen analyzer has blown up

do not worry, you can for example use this one: for your html

and this one for your css

use “validate by direct input”
for the html you can ignore the 3 things it says, as those are satisfied by the codepen boilerplate

talking of codepen boilerplate, you should remove the body tags as those are added by the boilerplate of codepen

you are also missing the test suite, I suggest you add it to your epn so you can test your project, if it is one of the projects for the cert


Brilliant, thank you for the links. This is a 3rd party challenge so not sure I can test it with the usual test suite I use for FCC.

In regards to the body tag, what can I use when I want to add things outside of my containers? Backgrounds, fonts etc? Ok to just use ‘*’?

you can still style the body element with css, also in the pen settings you can add the things in the head

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Ah I misunderstood. So I can use ‘body’ but don’t need to add ‘body’ in HTML as it’s already in there. Gotcha!

exactly, the element is added in the background by codepen, so you don’t need to write it, but it’s there

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