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Hello everyone!

I have been going through the basic HTML and HTML5 lessons. I have gotten through several of them but I have struggled with a few of them. I am proud of my success so far but I do think that it would be best if I had some more practice on some of the topics. Is there a place where I can go to practice what I am learning in more detail, with more exercises to help me master the lessons?

Any information or help is greatly appreciated!


I’d actually try to less the “what kind of lessons are there” and focus more on the “what kind of things can I do”. So that means go out and build something yourself. As long as you know what you know (HTML), you have a starting point.

Doing lessons will teach you what you can do, but building stuff will force you to learn what you need to know. In the real world your given a generic problem (build a website) and get to follow through on that problem how you see fit, deal with challenges you face, and learn what you need to know for the project, as odds are you will still need to learn more stuff to complete it.

So starting with simple projects leveraging what you should already kinda know, and want to build upon is the right way to go.

This doesn’t mean you need to go out and try to build Facebook, as you also need to know what you don’t know, so you can set you expectations, and project requirements accordingly. You could use lessons to figure out what you don’t know, but generally few lessons focus on that, so you might have to read more generally about the topic your learning about to get a better context.

Otherwise, your welcome to jump into other topics (like css, or JS) that can be used with what you already know and build more advanced projects later. Or you can expand your knowledge horizon (what you know, and don’t know) by reading up on supplementary material (mdn is a good place to start).

I’d just make sure you don’t focus on mastering just HTML, as its something you can look up, and will learn more about how to use later, once you get CSS and JS down. From there you can get into it more in detail.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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