Getting Rejected


I’m trying to get a job either in EU or in USA, but I keep getting rejected. Please can you check my resume in the following link:

Please also give me some guidance/feedback.

Thank you guys! :smiley:

Putting your nice picture on resume will surely help, current picture on top left doesn’t look friendly to me.

This would apply only for USA, no idea about the EU:

  • Do NOT post a self-photo as the previous person suggested. I don’t know if photos are ok to post in the EU, but generally you shouldn’t post them in the USA.
  • Is that your birthdate at the top, right under your name? If it is, delete it. Personal info like age shouldn’t be posted on resumes.
  • Don’t post your nationality (if that’s Lebanese), but you can post languages that you’re fluent in speaking/writing. And in that case you should specifically list English and Lebanese.
  • USA employers will typically expect a link to either your LinkedIn or GitHub profile, or both. And your LinkedIn profile is where you should post a self-photo.
  • Generally you want to avoid using a 2-column layout, because a lot of companies in the USA use ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), which scan only top-down and not left-to-right. Basically, a company’s ATS could miss your 2nd column—the one with all of the content—entirely.
  • You have some capitalization, wording, and spelling errors throughout your resume. There are various websites you can use to check for mistakes, like this one for example:
  • Your “Profile” doesn’t say anything unique about you and is very generic. Make it specific and unique to you.
  • Your “Work experience” should be as concrete and quantifiable as possible. Don’t use vague wording. Use numbers to quantify your experience, and put things in terms of achievements or accomplishments. And when you’re describing a past job, use past tense, not present tense.
  • Move your Skills to the top, above your Work experience section.
  • Delete your second page. Your Stack Overflow and GitHub links should be moved to the top of the first page.

The ATS might be why I immediately get the rejected email.

Thank you for your response, I will try and fix it according to what you said. But, what do you mean by “Use numbers to quantify your experience” regarding work experience?

Here’s an example software engineer resume that shows what I mean. Note the use of numbers such as 25%, 9.2, 8.5, 175, 50+, etc. That’s how you should quantify your work experience—put anything into numbers that you can, because numbers are easier to scan by both ATS and the human eye.

Alright, thank you.

Please also note there is no lebanese language, we speak arabic.

Also one last question, I have been checking Stackoverflow for jobs since it specifies if the company is offering work visa or not. I also checked LinkedIn but they don’t have that feature. Do you know any other website?

There’s also Indeed and Dice, but I don’t know if they show a work visa option. You might be able to get work through freelancer sites like Upwork and Freelancer though.