Getting SO frustrated

I’m a hiring manager. My performance (and bonus) is based on placing a candidate and them doing the job well enough to stick around and deliver value to the business. I can’t imagine a reality where a hiring manager is going to care that you hold a Masters and they only have a Bachelors.

I often have to hire PhD holders… that would be difficult using your logic since I only have a pleb bachelor’s degree :wink:.

No, don’t remove the degree from your resume.

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Hi, seems like youve been following a quite wrong roadmap, or even you do not have one.
From my small experience(6 months) as a reactjs dev, we do not deal with html and css at all, maybe 5% of a time. Most of time we work with js and database, some backend stuff as well.

Here is some practical advice for free,It worked for me and I think it will work for you as well:

No need for depression, put some efforts and just follow this roadmap:

Click for Front-end dev roadmap
Get 3 courses from udemy, approx 11 $ each(will take you 3months to complete):
1-The net ninja - Javascript
2-Andrew Mead - Javascript
3-Laurence Svekis Monster js project course(this one will help to develop muscle memory in js)

Get 2 react courses from udemy(2 more months):
1-Robert Bunch - React from the beginning
2-Colt Steele - React course
then follow this roadmap:
Click for React developer roadmap

To get familiar with backend and database(1,5 month):
1-Andrew Mead - Node js course from udemy - 11-12$

As you can see it is quite a lot of work. It will take quite a lot of time but will give you confidence and knowledge. It only depends on how bad you want it.
But by the end of all these courses you will have decent github account and proficient understanding of theoretical and practical part of frontend job.

You might land a job after all these afforts And it is not the end of a journey…still a LOT to learn left