Getting started in Chicago

Hi guys,

What is the average salary (including taxes) for Mid/Senior Full Stack Developer?

Long story short, I’m considering emigrating in Chicago, USA and I’m currently working as Senior Platform Developer. I found an employer who will sponsor me for a VISA. Right now, we are still negotiating the terms of my employment and we reached the salary part. I have already checked the average salaries in indeed and glassdoor but I’m not sure how realistic this figures are.

A little bit about my background: 6 years of experience, connected with Java, Go, Python, PHP, JavaScript (React), Docker, k8s and some more.

I don’t want to overestimate myself or be exploited. Could you please help me decide? What should I aim for?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Not sure about the average salary unless you want to go by that which you can search for (like averages shown on or, but just looking at StackOverflow jobs you can currently find multiple job openings in Chicago with salaries listed from the mid-70K range up to the mid-100K range for Full Stack when filtering by mid-to-senior level positions.