Getting started newly on FreeCodeCamp

Hello everyone,

I am new here and I recently started my journey in Tech, specifically in Data Analytics. So I am here to begin my journey of coding. :blush: :grin:

I currently work in support and I am working on pivoting fully into Data Analytics. I would appreciate any advice regarding the best courses for me to start out with on the FreeCodeCamp learning platform. Any other general advice would fully be appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance. :blush:

Welcome to the forum ^^
The curriculum is designed to be taken top to bottom.
That said, if you already know you gonna go for DA, you can skip the frontend stuff and go straight into the Python sections - again starting with the top.
If you already got some prior coding-expirience, especially with Python, those should be easy.
However if you are now to coding, you might want to consider doing the JavaScript course or take another Python-course on the side. While the Python course here covers all the basics, it’s in pure video format, whereas the JS course has a coding-platform on the side and thus is much more step-by-step.

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Okay. Thanks so much, Jagaya.

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