Getting started

Hi, I wanted to ask some advice from people who may already have a software engineering job. I’ve got some experience in python and java but a basic level and have decided to become a software engineer. Im currently on my placement year from university and want to spend this year to learn skills that I can apply for SE jobs at companies like FAANG. I want to get started now but stuck going from video to video trying to figure out what it is I exactly need to learn and just how much I need to learn before I apply. If anyone can guide me on a roadmap and what resources/course I can follow to learn said skill would be greatly appreciated.

Note: Ive gone through responsive web design course on freecodecamp and found out web design is not really my thing, but can learn if its a necessary component

Hi, I’m not into the industry but i’ll say you that stop watching videos. Instead begins to make projects. if you want to make back learns only the basic of fronts, just to pass your backend data and put it in the right place. In front I reccomended a lot codepen, you can find a lot of templates that can use to your front aspect and then uses your back data to personalize them. The loop of watching videos is common, but if the videos that you watch are tutorials and you are writing it in your own project while you see its you will learn a lot. Then use that learning to do something. Bigger or smaller, no matter, only with the issues you will encounter you will learn even more

p.d: forgive my poor english

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