Getting Stuck on Implement the Serialization of a Passport User

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Hi guys, I’m new in here I hope you guys can help me. so currently I am trying to solve Implement the Serialization of a Passport User and I tried everything an connecting my database, but somehow when I tried to run my project it kinda stuck or not giving me any information (is it timeout?, am I able to connect to my database?) it really frustrate me. it just showing “listening on port 3000” on my console. please help to solve this.

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Challenge: Implement the Serialization of a Passport User

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Finally after retry my connection for several hours (literally several hours stop and run :smiley: ) finally it can be passed.

thanks guys

well, I think I am also facing this issue. Today Replit itself was not loading for sometime and was showing 404 error. I have configured the DB connection, but when I run it, it just says Listening on port undefined and stays there forever

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