Getting three certificates in one month

Hey, everyone!


I was recently offered an internship based on just a couple of Python projects I made, but I don’t think that’s nearly enough to get an internship, usually, and my would-be employer has gone silent on me. :pensive:

Right now I’m in a living situation where I have a month of time to focus on nothing but online computer science classes, and building projects. :smile:

The only thing is, is that, I don’t really want to keep going to school if I can’t find a way to pay for it other than taking out student loans, and I think if I can land a paying internship, I can continue to train myself how to code, and afford to continue living abroad and maybe even continue taking online classes.

It’s just kind of hard to figure out where to begin, and I once used freeCodeCamp before to learn some front-end HTML, CSS, and some basic JavaScript, and even got a certificate in it, although that’s on an old account, so I decided to come back.

I’m very relieved to see that there is a LOT more to choose from in terms of curriculum, especially with machine learning and information security, which involves both IS and Python, which have both been my primary focus for the last six months now.

So. Here I go. I’m going to try and get three certificates in one month. At least get the certificate in machine learning, and information security.

Wish me luck. :four_leaf_clover:

Also what’s the deal with Docker? :whale2: The guy hiring me really wanted me to learn how to use it, but I’ve never had a need for it so far. It SOUNDS…Fun, but it sounds like it’s mostly meant for launching apps and being used by teams.

 - Maso
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Cool, good luck.

As to docker, it is a virtual container for programs, like a playground. But it is copyable and moveable. They are pretty cool and are very trendy. There are a lot of videos online to get you started.

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Alright, cool! So I can work on a lot of projects in it, basically.

Docker is about creating a virtual machine. Say you set a server up - it used to be dependent on the hardware on the server. With a container you can set the virtual system however you want.

Videos here and here.