Getting value from custom input instead of buttons

So, this is the last little thing I have left for this project. Right now, the application returns the correct tip and bill per person. I have a input where a user can enter a custom tip, and I can not get the value the same way I get the value from the tip buttons. I get the tip button value from click event, but the custom input has to be clicked on to enter the custom tip. So, that initial click does not hold a value for the custom tip. Not sure what would be the best way to get that custom tip value.

What’s your question specifically?

Hey there… Took a quick look at your tip situation:

here’s what I found I believe line 52:

const customTip = () => {
  const custom = document.querySelector

It seems to me you are not “selecting” anything.
Hope that helps

Appreciate it but I knew that was there. That was the function I started writing, but realized I had a issue on what I was going to make the function do.

You can see the I get the button tip values from a click, but I can not use that on a input. I made the function get the value using blur, but now I am stuck on how I can include that value in my calculation function to get the correct bill and tip if the user enter a custom tip

Ah I think i understand.

For the tip buttons you’re listening for a click event, but when you’re typing in a value you’re not clicking.
So you need to find which event you want apply an event listener to when the input value changes

You’re close so I don’t want to tell you the answer exactly, but see if you can find it by Googling what your looking for with the MDN docs

Once you’re past that, I also got confused with the custom tip value. I put in 2% and it thought I meant 2x instead, so my $100 bill came with a $200 tip! So you’ll have to convert it to percentages so it’s aligned with the tip buttons

Right, so I tested and I get the value from the input when I use blur for the add event. Change might be a better option. Right now, I just need to work out the logic to check to see if a button is pressed. If the tip button is pressed then I need to use that logic to find the correct bill and tip per person. If the button was not clicked, but the input has a value then I need to use logic to use that value for the correct tip and bill per person

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