Getting warning as "const & arrow function is only available ES6" ,use 'esversion :6',why by default its not detecting and accepting my code as ES6, how to do this?

import React, { useEffect, useState} from 'react';

import './App.css';

import Recipe from './recipe';

const App= ()=>


  const [recipes, setRecipes] = useState([]);


  const APP_ID = "********";

  const APP_KEY = "*********";


  useEffect(() => {



  const getRecipes = async ()=>


  const response = await fetch(''+APP_ID+'&app_key='+APP_KEY);

  const data =await response.json();





    <div className="App" >

      <form className="serach-form">

        <input className="search-bar" type="text"/>




       > Search</button>







        calories = {recipe.recipe.calories} 







export default App;

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Where is this being run? The code looks basically ok, but you’re trying to run it in some environment that doesn’t recognise standard JS, without knowing that can’t really tell you how to make it work

thanks , i will check next time

I have created React App , run on cmd terminal as “npm start” ,my code is ok and i am getting expected output but my vs code editor warning me so!

It’s a lint warning, you’ve likely set up your editor with something old like JSLint. If that’s the case uninstall it and install ESLint.