Gettting Code onto Github?

I’ve done all these challenges! Now how do I make it public on github?

This is something you should figure out yourself with a Google search.

But here.

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Well first you have to call GitHub during business hours.

Just kidding, please don’t call them.


i have a question as well… when do we start posting our code on github? im currently on the wikipedia one ! should i just wait for the advanced front end projects and post only those on github?

Depends on if you’re talking about GitHub pages or just getting your project’s source code files up there in your repo.

I’d suggest you download the app or memorise these commands:
git add --all
git commit -m "your commit log message"
git push
git pull
git status

Try searching youtube for GitHub tutorials, you’ll soon get a good understanding of it.


I agree with the above ^^^ You can find some Git tutorials that familiarize you with how it works from the command line.

Also, I just have my personal site hosted through Github, and so I tend to actually work on my FCC projects in that Github repository, so I can commit code as I progress on the project and incorporate Git as part of my regular workflow, and then once I finish the project I just add the code back into CodePen for the FCC completion. Or something along those lines.

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I have found this short series helpful on this topic:

Hey. Did you find a way to do this? If I am not wrong you wanted to take all the challenges accomplished so far to github repository, right? I want to do the same so that I can have all my solutions at one place.

Codeschool has a free introductory course here: