Git Merge Definitive Guide - Fix Issues

I was looking through the relatively new Git Merge - Definitive Guide, hoping to recommend it to some of my co-workers to get a bit deeper in their understanding of merge.

I’ve come across a few bugs, but am struggling to determine where to submit them. I couldn’t find this article in the git repo, is there some other CMS system for the /news path? Is it possible to submit issues there?

The first things I’ve seen in the “Hands On” section:

  • the graphic showing the result of the default FF merge doesn’t show main pointing to the new commit (I think it is the wrong image).
  • There are some mis-uses of new_branch instead of new_feature.
  • When undoing the last commit, the command should read git reset --hard HEAD~1, but one of the second dash is a 0x96 “En Dash” while the first is the normal 0x2D “minus”. This causes an error if the user copy-pastes this code snippet.
  • The graphic for “The history after using git reset --hard HEAD~1” matches the caption, however, immediately before that it indicates it should be looking at the new_feature branch, so if that is the case, the HEAD should be pointing there.

You can use the issues on the repo. When you create a new issue there is an option “Issues - Content in our Articles and other Documentation” you can use.

Please link to the article as well.