[GitHub] Cannot move a repo to another

I have this repo:
Screenshot 2021-03-19 114433

And I want it in here:
Screenshot 2021-03-19 114514

More specific:

I tried the mirror approach from GitHub Docs, but it didn’t work. I’ve been searching for it for ~2 hours and cannot find the solution.

Hello there,

One repo cannot be inside another. The easiest thing to do would be to copy the contents from one repo, and commit them to the freeCodeCamp repo.

How can I do that because I’ve been searching it and I can’t find it.

Well, you need to use Git. If you have not before, then I suggest you look at a few tutorials/videos on the topic, and get back if anything confuses you.

Personally, I would just:

  1. Clone unwanted repo
  2. Clone freeCodeCamp
  3. With your mouse/trackpad, copy-paste the folder/files you want from the unwanted repo into freeCodeCamp
  4. In freeCodeCamp:
git add .
git commit -m "something"
git push

It would be very tedious to teach Git from this forum. So, take some time to research how to use it; this is the point of GitHub, anyway.

Hope this helps


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