GitHub Certification

Lets add a GitHub certification. You can use a basic coding language like html or python. I say html because there is already a system for it. Next you would have a dedicated GitHub account that acts like a bot. It main goal would be to just have access to projects. Next you would use the servers to run a prompt that takes the code checks to see if it is correct then spits back a txt file to the persons git hub.

This system was used in a few of my college courses at Montana State. It was at more of a basic level where a professor would have us invite his user to our projects and he would run a script and it would send us a grade. The language that was used for this was mainly java programs, and to the test where ran all at the same time when the professor wanted to.

This concept could be implemented and used to help better projects in general as well.

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Git is included in one of freeCodeCamp’s courses already: Learn Git by Building a SQL Reference Object.

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This would be awesome! How can I help?!

Implementing a GitHub certification system with automation, using HTML or Python for coding exercises, is a practical idea. A dedicated GitHub account for automated code evaluation and feedback can improve code assessment and project collaboration, benefiting both education and project quality.

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