Github doesn't let me use the API url? [CLOSED]

I’ve written everything in Notepad++ and tried it from there: everything works, I get a new quote every time I click.

Given the amount of recommendations to use Github instead of Codepen, I’ve decided to start right away.

But when putting my files in a new repo in Github, now I have

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE

and for some reason my title turns from white to blue on the first click !

Any advice?

here’s the github repo.

thanks a lot…

PS: I’ve tried https, not good. Is this where CORS gets into play, and does it mean I have to re-write not with getJSON but .ajax()?

EDIT: I’ve just put it on codepen if it makes it easier to check some things (yes, I should do something about the style…) HERE

So it’s about certificate - you have to click to accept and then it works. The problem is that every user has to do that.

As for my title changing into a link after a few clicks it might be a virus on my computer.