Hi , i need some help with github, i dont have any ideea how to push my work on my github profile i try some of the youtube videos but nothing very helpfull so if some one know how to do it please let me know :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum @Laurix
What you want push to GitHub? Web page? Repository?

See thoses guides and follow its steps.

I want to transfer the code from atom to a new repository

Hey @Laurix. Have you solved your problem? If not, here’s my answer.

Create a repository on GitHub with the same name as the directory/folder you are working in on your machine.

Then, on your machine, open up the command line/terminal and change directories to the one you are working on.

Enter in the terminal git init. This will initialize your directory as a git repository on your machine.

Again at the terminal, type git remote add origin GitHub-repository-url where you use the url of the GitHub repo you created.

Your local git repository is now connected to the GitHub repository. Now, when you work on your machine, you do the normal git workflow:

  • git add . in order to add all files to the git queue
  • git commit -m "type a message here" in order to commit the files you added to the queue.
  • and git push origin master in order to push your commit to GitHub.

At this point, your files should be updated on GitHub. You have arrived!


Thank you sir for sharing this with us! I copied your post to refer to every time use Git.