Github is HUGE, but what do I do with or to it

I found my way to github, but everything is going over my head. Where do I send my about 7 files to be fixed in two spots (the navbar “active” won’t work and I can’t import files into my grid container without too much space or too little space)?

It seems like github is for conventional operating systems. I have Linux Mint operating system. I would be happy to post my project here. You only really need one or two or three of my files.

Are you trying to contribute to the freeCodeCamp GitHub repository?

Git (and GitHub) don’t have any relationship to operating systems. Git is already installed by default on your Mint system.

I didn’t know about freeCodeCamp GitHub repository. I will go look for that.

I am glad to hear that about Git being installed on Mint. What and when will I need that if I deposit my project in the freeCodeCamp GitHub repository

You can use Git for your personal projects, but they won’t touch freeCodeCamp’s codebase.

What are you trying to do?

I’m trying to get help with my modest project, but “getting” helps seems to be more difficult than the project itself. I was told to get to github, but that was all. Nothing about any repository or freeCodeCamp having a repository there.

If you want help with your project, that doesn’t necessarily have to relate to GitHub at all. If you have your project on a platform like CodePen, you can share a link to it. If you aren’t using a tool like CodePen, then an online repository service like GitHub is a way to share your code (among other things).

I was told that CodePen is for single file projects. But WTFDIK. So I went to GitHub. I found some things about freeCodeCamp, but I can’t seem to find where to deposit my files. I would just as soon a smart person like you just look at my project and instruct me. I can deposit the main file here and also all of the other files (like 7), which will take up a lot of space.

It seems that a lack of knowing the context makes me anxious and stupid, something about abandonment issues I’m sure. Give me a settled and familiar context, and I rule.

It’s true that the free version of CodePen does not support multi-file projects. There are other tools, such as replit, codesandbox, and stackblitz which support more complex projects.

GitHub allows you to share your source files, but it will not create a live version of your project unless you connect GitHub Pages (where possible). That would require creating your own account and a repository for your project. There are some step-by-step tutorials that walk you through all the commands for creating and maintaining a repository. It should be noted that there are other services besides GitHub, but GitHub is probably the most well-known and beginner friendly.

Something to think about - The larger your project is, the more important it is that you be able to narrow down a problem when you’re asking for help. If there is a specific piece of functionality that isn’t working, you can share the relevant functions, rules, etc in isolation. Speaking for myself, if I get a broad request for help and then get sent a link to seven files I’m unlikely to respond. On the other hand, if I’m sent a function and asked why it’s resulting in a certain error I can often help.

You mean like this:

Holistic Healing Simplified
<style type="text/css">

	body  { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;  }
	/* Below is about the nav bar  */
	ul {
		  list-style-type: none;
		  margin: 0;
		  padding: 0;
	     overflow: hidden;
	     background-color: #339;
	     float: left;
	     margin-left: 600px;        

	li {
		float: left;
	a {
		display: block;
		padding: 9px;
		background-color: coral;
	li a {
	  display: inline-block;
	  color: white;
	  text-align: center;
	  padding 20px 60px;
	  text-decoration: none;

	/* Change the link color to #111 (black) on hover  */
	li a:hover {
	  background-color: #111;
	.active {
	  background-color: #04AA6D;
	img {
       margin-bottom:1px     }

/*  Below is about the grid container  */
	.grid-container {
	  display: grid;
	  grid-template-columns: 27% 46% 27% auto auto ;
	  grid-gap: 1px;
	  background-color: white;                     
	  padding: 1px;
	.grid-container > div {
	  background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8);
	  text-align: center;
	  padding: 1px 0;
	.item4 {
	  grid-column-start: 1;
	  grid-column-end: 4;
	  text-align: center;
	  color: black;
	  font-size: 25px; 
  	 .item5 {
	  grid-column-start: 1;
	  grid-column-end: 4;
	  text-align: left;
    height: auto;
<div class="grid-container">                      <!-- This is the beginning of the grid container -->

   <div  vertical-alignment="centered" ><img src="Sun1.jpeg" 	height="328px"  width="490px"    alt="Sun"></div>
   <div style="font-size: 3vw;  color:#00f;">Holistic Health Simplified<br>
  														  <span style="font-size: 2vw;">A Tool Box for Holistic Healing<br>
  														  <img src="calf.jpg" 	height="200px"  width="302px"    alt="Calf"></div>

   <div><img src="Moon.jpg" 	height="328px"  width="490px";  	alt="Moon"></div>

   <div class="item4" style="color: black">   <!--  This is the navigation bar that works good except that it does not show the active page -->
			  <li><a  href="Principles.html" target="myItem5">Principles</a> </li>
			  <li><a  href="Problems.html"   target="myItem5">Problems</a>   </li> 
			  <li><a  href="Practices.html"  target="myItem5">Practices</a>  </li>   
			  <li><a  href="Sources.html"    target="myItem5">Sources</a>    </li>
			  <li><a  href="Notes.html"      target="myItem5">Notes</a>      </li>
			  <li><a  href="Forum.html"      target="myItem5">Forum</a>      </li>
   <div class="item5"  style="color: black;">                <!-- This is the grid cell that the iframe is in that receives the 6 pages  --> 
          <iframe src="Principles.html" style="height:1500px; width:100%;" name="myItem5" >  </iframe>    <!-- This is the iframe that seems unnecessary and leaves me with 
                                                                                                           either too much space or a slide bar  --> 
</div>                                        <!-- This is the end of the grid container -->                                                                                                                    

The “active” button won’t change to a different color, and the iframe forces me to have too many slide bars and/or a ton of white space at the end.

While it would be much easier to help with a CodePen or other live project, someone might be able to give you helpful advice by looking at the relevant code, yes. For something like white space around an iFrame, it’s probably going to be really hard for anyone to help without seeing it live. For something like your active button, you would need to share the logic that sets the active state.

Github is HUGE, but what do I do with or to it

Git is a technology that helps with version control. It keeps track of all the little changes you make and makes and lets you save (commit) it at various point. It makes it easy to work with other developers, helping you work on the same code simultaneously and then helping you to merge those changes together, among other things. Github is a free, online place to store those git repositories, to give everyone access to it. (There are other places to do it, but github is free and very common.)

If I can infer your level, all you really need to worry about now might be to set up a github account and “push” your code up for storage. It is also nice that if you decide you made a mistake, you can easily get back to where it worked.

I would be happy to post my project here. You only really need one or two or three of my files.

That would be another great use for github. You could push your project up to github, provide people a link, then people could download and run your project on their own computer.

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