Github link not passing Quality Assurance tests


I started off with “QA and Testing with Chai” challenges and amended the code to the first challenge on Github as instructed but still couldn’t pass any of the tests. I am a newbie to Github and suspect that I am not pasting the correct link in the Solution Link bar.

Please help me out. Here is a link to the amendment I made on Github:

Thanks in advance!

Browser information:


Challenge: Learn How JavaScript Assertions Work

Link to the challenge:

The project has to be live. You can use the starter boilerplate on

Thanks. I’ll try and then get back to you.

I used the link you sent. I passed the test on but when I paste the following link in my FCC Solution Link bar, it still doesn’t work:

This is my first time with as well.

I think the repl embed is broken, I edited your post and change the link.

Make sure the project is running and that you submit the URL from the preview window.

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