Github page showing README data

I’m using github to host my web page ,but I’m confused why it is showing data in place of my webpage while using the url.

Link to my Repository
Link to my GitHub page

You don’t have an index.html file.

It works.Thank you so much.This is my first time using freeCodeCamp forum, I didn’t expect the reply this fast.

Welcome to the forum. It’s an incredibly active and supportive place to hang out.

Hi! I’m encountering the same problem as well. Can anyone help me? Below are the links to:
My Repository
My GitHub Page

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Your index.html is not in the root folder.

Thank you very much!!!

If you don’t mind explaining, how did you do that? Did you just move it out the src folder? Sorry, I only learned Git and some of its basic commands today so my proficiency level is very basic :sweat_smile:

I didn’t do anything, I just linked to where the page actually lived.

If you want your original page to work instead of rendering your then you need to move your index.html page out of the src folder and into the root folder (i.e. It should live in the same place as the readme)

You will need to make sure you update all the links to honour the new file structure if you have external CSS or JS files.

Ah, ok! Your explanation is very clear. Thank you once again for your help :slight_smile:

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