Github Pages not applying CSS styles


I have a Wordpress site I made that I’m trying to show live on Github Pages. It’s applying the static page, but the css styles are not being applied, and I can’t figure out why. Since this site is more than one page, I’m also trying to figure out how to have the other pages hosted on Github pages when they click the links on the first page.

Here’s the repo:

settings used in Simply Static plugin:

I was following these instructions:

Where is the actual github page?

Here is the Github Page

I actually got the css to work now, but I’m still having an issue with the Instagram widget showing up on the bottom of the page. Any insight on why the widget may not be appearing?


You are getting a 405 error for listed in your JavaScript code.

Thank you. I’m pretty new to Wordpress, any suggestions on what I should do here?

Never used Wordpress in my life and probably never will.

I was thinking you can not use php on github pages, but I could be wrong.

I think you are confusing me.
WordPress needs a database to provide content. If you want to host a WordPress site on the internet you need to either

  1. pay for web hosting (for example Hostgator)

  2. host a site on

You cannot host a fully working WordPress site on github pages (otherwise everyone would do that).
You can, however, create a page which mocks what the WordPress theme will look like.
And you can save your WordPress project files on github.