Github Pages - parts of website missing

So I think I’ve got myself into a big mess with Github Pages.

In order to convert my main GitHub Page the landing page for my portfolio, I had to move the project that was originally on the Github username repo to another folder.

Then my plan was to make the Github username repo into a plain landing page with links to other projects.

I uploaded the other projects by following these instructions:

And then I was trying to upload the Github username repo but got a merge conflict (related to a previous problem) but since I didn’t care about any of the old files from the Github username repo, I thought it didn’t matter how I resolved the conflict so I just deleted one of the conflicting files, added the merge, committed and pushed. The new landing page deployed fine.

The problem now is, the project that USED to be in the Github username repo (and was moved to its own Github repo) is missing those exact files that I had deleted.

(Also, I had checked the project on Github Pages before I changed the Github username page and project was fine so I know problem happened after I deployed updated Github username page )

I checked the project’s remote repo and the files are NOT missing. Then I checked the project’s local repo and the files are NOT missing. I tried pushing project’s local repo once more just in case. But of course I got a msg saying, "Everything up-to-date". So then I made some changes to the files (by adding comments) just so it would see a difference and allow me to push the files once more. The push worked fine but when I went back to the Github Pages site for the project, it looks like those files are still missing.

What can I do at this point?

I have all the code I need on local repo but I don’t want to simply move everything into new folders and start again. Clearly, I am dragging Git problems around with the files where-ever I put them.


What is your GitHub profile?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it. The diff I think you care about shows the following files:

 data/AgentAccountData.csv                  |   34 -
 data/GenderByProvince.csv                  |   43 -
 data/microfinance/MicroWatch June 2019.csv |  149 ----
 data/microfinance/pakMFDummyData.csv       | 1333 ----------------------------
 data/pakistan/pakistan-districts.json      |    1 -
 data/pakistan/pakistan-divisions.json      |    1 -
 data/pakistan/pakistan-provinces.json      |    1 -
 img/logo.png                               |  Bin 56256 -> 0 bytes
 img/noun_Pakistan_777656.png               |  Bin 14584 -> 0 bytes
 img/noun_Pakistan_777656_v1.png            |  Bin 17913 -> 0 bytes
 index.html                                 |  143 +--
 js/d3.min.js                               |    2 -
 js/main.js                                 |  335 -------
 js/mainMap.js                              |  167 ----
 js/mainStackArea.js                        |  344 -------

Which of the above files are you wanting to remain in your project?

Explain exactly what you would like to accomplish and I will do my best to walk you through how to do it.

This is the goal:

  1. and;
    – This is the repo from which some files appear to be missing, namely the main.js and mainMap.js files. However, both those files clearly exist on all branches.

As an FYI - in order for Github Pages to allow more than one repo, the main page ( has to be built from master branch while the other projects have to be built from gh-pages branches.

Let me know if I can provide any more information - and thank you!!

Not sure if this is helpful or not but I checked the branches of each repo. Do these reveal anything?

Hi @RandellDawson, if you have time to look at this some more, I made some more updates:

  1. Reverted the landing page to have the old code: (I did this so I could re-start using my webpage on resume etc)
  2. Once I did that, the other page (from which the charts were missing) were complete again…??

There’s obviously some link between landing page and project page that is causing charts to disappear and then re-appear but I have no idea what.

Goal - have landing page just be About, Contact, etc with links to project pages.

So I think I am back to square one at this point…? If you have time and could help me get to the goal, I would really appreciate it!

OK, hopefully this is the last time I comment on this.

This is how I ended up fixing my problem: through brute force:

  1. After I got back to square one (see my last post), I decided to change ONE file at a time: I removed file from landing page local repo, tested on local server, pushed to remote repo, tested both pages (landing page and project page) on Github Pages. Rinse and repeat for each file I wanted to remove.
  2. It was tedious but I ultimately landed on a fix, albeit a highly inconclusive one:
    I had deleted most files and was down to a folder called Data. Once I deleted this, the charts from project page disappeared. (Even though, as stated before, this project’s repo HAS it’s own Data folder within its OWN Project folder completely seperate from landing page code…?)
  3. Anyways, after much more back and forth and trying to debug code (and being unable to replicate locally and even trying to delete them in different orders i.e. deleting old Index.html BEFORE deleting the Data folder), I ended up keeping Data folder. (My project page worked for a while after I had removed the Data folder but then when I checked after 20 minutes, the charts were missing again. I can only assume that it took a while for the changes to proliferate…but I honestly have no idea what I’m talking about).
  4. This worked but (a) I really don’t know why and (b)I’m a little worried that a problem that was solved without my understanding why will re-appear just as easily. In the meantime, I have files in one of my repos that I really don’t need making my file structure look sloppy.
  5. As a final check, I will re-checking Github Pages after half an hour or so.
  6. Finally - long-term goal: eventually clean up file structure of landing page repo.

Womp, womp.