GitLab Community Writers Program

I recently found out about GitLab’s Community Writers Program, and I thought people here would be interested. They list a broad range of content topics that they’re looking for, so chances are you have something that fits their criteria. Being able to write about what you do is an invaluable skill, whether it’s promoting your work, writing cover letters for job applications, explaining your work for performance reviews, or collaborating with other developers (or anyone!). This could be a great way to practice that skill and possibly get paid for it :writing_hand: :moneybag: .

Here’s some info from the program’s website:

Do you have a story to share that our community or customers would find interesting or helpful? Whether it’s about the open source community, software development, collaboration, creation, or something else, we want to hear about it.

Do you love sharing your knowledge? Are you an experienced blogger or technical writer? Are you great at solving challenging problems or explaining complex ideas clearly? We’re looking for you!

Have you figured out how to do something awesome with GitLab? Did you conduct an experiment with interesting results? Do you have a specific area of expertise and want to spread the word? We want to publish you.